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Monday, May 7, 2012

Anchor Charts

Readers Workshop Mini Lessons:  Mysteries

Above and below are Readers Workshop mini-lessons for our mystery genre study.

The expectations for reading partnerships and the vocabulary listed below that supported their learning.

Secondary Characters -- Multiple Posibilites --Alternatives
when reading a Mystery
Students filled in the information during a mini-lesson that demonstrated their knowledge of reading a mystery.

Accountable Talk

Expectations of how to have meaningful and purposeful discussions with partners and in small groups.  Develops cognitive skills as well as higher level thinking.

An Anchor chart that needs revising for Common Core:  
NON-Fiction is now Informational Text.

A temporary Anchor Chart that is created on the white board for Science lessons and remains in Visual Contact for the entire unit.  

For this unit I wanted to engage the students so each day as 
we sketched out and bulleted the charts, 
I would embellish them for the next day.  
The students really get so excited when 
they come in and see what the color version
 looks like.  I would love to use these next year, 
but am thinking the lessons would not be as exciting 
as they watch their work come to life.

Fairy Tales
Mind you I am no artist.  This took hard work 
and some tracing to be able to create these 
anchor charts. Obviously my frog prince
 is a bit lame, but the students didn't notice.  
Even the students who are too cool to care, 
are excited to see the finished results with their ideas.

This is my favorite chart.  I love my 3 little pigs
 and how we all decide to have them each
 be a different part of the lesson. 
We will culminate this lesson with

"The True Story of the Three Little Pigs..." 
by Jon Scieszka.  
I love all the pictorial hints throughout this 
picture book and the kids get such a kick out 
of the seeing them as well!

The Foldable here was created by Teacher's Treasure.  Foldable Fun ideas were presented  for the Everything Primary expo. Click on the Narrative link to see many ideas to utilize in the classroom throughout the curriculum.
Fictional Narrative -- Foldables
Fictional Narrative:

I can envision using this lesson after lesson!

Developing Empathy:
We love our Characters Shoes!
Using this giant sneaker provides the students a visual opportunity to figure out what empathy means and how to use character traits to make the connections to feelings. We studied Kenny Watson from The Watson's Go to Birmingham - 1963  for this particular walking in our Characters shoes anchor chart.  It still hangs proudly in our classroom!

Tension Between Characters:
While studying "The Watson's" and discussing tension between character, my students took over the anchor chart and created a thunder and lightening storm.  I did not change or add to it!  It was perfect as it stood. Byron is the brewing storm and his lightening bolts of destruction are going in all directions affecting himself, his family and ultimately his way of life.  Kenny is the sunshine that peeks out behind his big brother trying to figure out what makes Byron such a "cool" bully and remain innocent in spite of his big brother.  And finally 5 year Joetta, the angel in the clouds representing all that is right in the world and eventually all that is so wrong in the USA of 1963. We always are sad to tuck the book away. A plain but powerful Anchor Chart...

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